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Terms and conditions

Be Wiser Telematics Supplementary Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply between you, your insurer, Insurance Telematics Solutions and Be Wiser.   

Insurance Telematics Solutions supply the Telematics Device that will be installed into your Vehicle upon your purchase of a Be Wiser policy. Insurance Telematics Solutions supply the software through which your Be Wiser policy is made available. These terms and conditions therefore govern the use of the Telematics Device and the software.

These terms and conditions also explain what data will be collected about you and your Vehicle and how it will be used in order to provide the services associated with your policy. Be Wiser will be responsible for ensuring it protects your personal data and details of how it does this are set out within the section titled ‘Data Policy’.

By purchasing a Be Wiser Policy and/or installing a Telematics Device you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  



Be Wiser, We or Us means Be Wiser Insurance Services.

Telematics Device - The box which has been or will be fitted to your car which collects and transmits the Telematics Data.

Approved Installation Company - Network of installation companies, approved by Be Wiser, responsible for installing, repairing and replacing the Telematics device.

Modifications - Any change to the vehicle that is different to its manufactured state will have an impact on the price of your premium. Modifications can be both performance enhancing and cosmetic.

Address – The address where your vehicle is kept overnight more than 51% of the time.

Telematics Data - Telematics information collected about you and any named drivers including driving behaviour via a Telematics Device. The Telematics Data is collected and transmitted by Insurance Telematics Solutions (ITS). This Telematics Data includes the following tracking information:

  • The start date, time and location of the journey
  • The end date, time and location of the journey
  • The duration and distance travelled within the journey
  • The smoothness of the journey
  • The speed within the journey

Please refer to the Data Policy for full details which can be found at the end of this document.


Product information

This is a telematics policy which differs from a standard motor car policy. It requires the fitting of a Telematics Device to your car and use of the Telematics Data the Device collects.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with details of how your Telematics Device from Be Wiser works, including Data collection and processing.

This document forms part of your Contract of Insurance and should be read in conjunction with your policy documentation and the Be Wiser Terms of Business.



It is a condition of this policy that you have a fully operational Telematics Device installed in your vehicle and it is your responsibility to ensure that any party who has an interest in the ownership of your Vehicle (such as your partner or a hire purchase company) has agreed that a Telematics Device can be installed or enabled.

You are required to have a Telematics Device fitted to the vehicle within 14 days of the start of the policy.

The device will be supplied by our partner ITS.

The Telematics Policy charges can be found in the below section ‘Telematics Policy Charges’.

If the Telematics device is not installed within 14 days of the policy start date, we reserve the right to cancel your policy.


The Telematics Device

Tampering with, dismantling or blocking the signal from the Telematics Device will result in the policy being cancelled subject to a seven day Road Traffic cancellation notice.

It is a condition of the policy that the Telematics Device is installed and working at all times. In the event that you do not make your car available for repair or replacement of the Telematics Device, within the timeframe stated, your policy will be cancelled, subject to a seven day Road Traffic cancellation notice.

The Telematics Device has obtained all the relevant technical approvals and indicators of complete safety and reliability, so will not harm or interfere with your Vehicle.

If you remove your car from the policy or your policy is cancelled, the Telematics Device will no longer collect or transmit any further Telematics Data.

Unless the Telematics Device has been removed from your car, it is your responsibility to inform any person or organisation buying or taking ownership of your car that it has been installed.


Your Responsibilities

You are buying a policy based on the number of miles you declared when you purchased the policy or at renewal. If you go over that allowance you will need to buy additional miles, the cost of which will be based on your Telematics Data.

If you are predicted to exceed your mileage, we reserve the right to intervene and should you exceed your mileage allowance and fail to purchase additional mileage, your policy may be cancelled.

It is important that the vehicle is kept at the address provided for the majority of the time. If the vehicle is not kept at this address then the premium could increase or the policy cancelled.

Vehicle modifications are not accepted under the terms of the policy unless prior agreement has been made. This includes performance enhancing and cosmetic modifications. If you do modify the vehicle without notification your policy could be cancelled or void.

We will monitor your driving behaviour via the Telematics Device, this will monitor how the vehicle is driven and the mileage limit used regardless of who is driving the car.

You can monitor your mileage and driving behaviour via your personal online Dashboard.



Your personal online Dashboard allows you to understand your driving and how to improve your Risk score. The Dashboard displays your overall Risk score, and scores against individual categories such as your speed, time of driving, road usage, and driving behaviour. We also display your current and predicted mileage.

Risk scores will be recorded on the Dashboard as Dark Green, Light Green, Amber and Red. By keeping mainly within the Green zones and avoiding Red scores, you will be able to improve your Risk score. This will give you the best opportunity to receive the best possible renewal price and keep you as a low risk driver.

You will receive an email with your log in details for your on-line Dashboard within 24 hours of the installation of the Telematics Device, if you don't receive this please call Our Customer service team on 0333 999 0837. Once the Telematics Device has been fitted, the miles will be monitored but the risk score Data will only be available once 30 days’ worth of Telematics Data has been accumulated.


Risk Score

The risk score is made up of four categories: Time of Day, Speed, Road Usage and Behaviours.

Time of Day - Time of Day/Night that the vehicle has been driven will have an impact on your overall Risk score. For example: late night driving or weekend driving will have a negative effect on the overall Risk score.

Speed - The speed that the vehicle is travelling.

Road usage - Types of road that the vehicle is being driven on.

Behaviours - Acts made by any driver of the vehicle in relation to harsh events, such as braking, cornering and acceleration, or a combination of all these factors.

In the event your risk score falls below 30, this is classed as high risk and you will receive communications in regards to your Risk score, this will explain the reasons why and potential actions that will follow. If your Risk score does not improve within a 30 day period this may result in cancellation of your policy. This will also show on the Dashboard so that you can monitor your risk score and overall driving behaviours.

As this is a mileage based policy, when you are required to purchase additional miles this will be calculated based on your risk score.


Interventions - Extreme Events

If your car exceeds the speed limit by 50% or more, as shown below, this will be considered an extreme event, for example:

  • 30mph or more in a 20mph speed limit.
  • 45mph or more in a 30mph speed limit.
  • 60mph or more in a 40mph speed limit.
  • 75mph or more in a 50mph speed limit.
  • 90mph or more in a 60mph speed limit.
  • Exceeding 100mph will result in risk of cancellation of the policy.

The first occasion of an extreme event we reserve the right to charge a £150 fine.

A second occasion of an extreme event within 30 days of the first occasion, we reserve the right to charge a £250 fine.

A third occasion within 30 days of the second occasion we reserve the right to cancel the policy with a 7 day Road Traffic Act notice.

Extreme events will reset after the 30 day window. For example, day 1 you receive a £150 fine, at day 31 this will reset. Another extreme driving event outside the 30 day window the process will revert back to the first occasion process.  We will contact you via email if you have an extreme driving event.


Telematics Policy Charges

Charges relating to your Telematics Policy are detailed below, these are in addition to the charges applied by your insurer and Be Wiser, which are available in our Be Wiser Terms & Conditions.

The cost of a self-fit Telematics Device is £85 and is included within the total cost of your policy.

Non-refundable New Business set up fee


Non-refundable Renewal set up fee


Extreme Event charge (in addition to Fines detailed in "Interventions" section)


Change of Vehicle:

-          If a new Pro-fit telematics device is required (installed by an engineer)

-          If a new self-fit telematics device is required (issued via post)

-          If the self-fit device is transferred from the previous vehicle




No charge

Device Replacement fee:

(Where you or a third party has misplaced or broken the Telematics Device, we may charge this fee to cover the cost of issuing a new device.)

-          If a new Pro-fit telematics device is required (installed by an engineer)

-          If a new self-fit telematics device is required (issued via post)






Repair or replacement of the Device if faulty

No charge

Missed appointment fee: (applies where an engineer is dispatched to install a device)


Removal of the Device, at the customer’s request: (applies where the device has previously been installed by an engineer)



If you change your Vehicle a Telematics Device must be installed or enabled in the new Vehicle being insured. All reasonable endeavours should be made by you to re-use the self-installed Telematics Device in the new Vehicle.

If you sell your Vehicle you are obliged to notify the new owner if the Telematics Device has been installed. 


Cancellation rights

You have the right to cancel your policy at any time during or before the period of cover.

In the event that you wish to cancel, your policy documentation must be destroyed as they will no longer be valid, you may cancel in writing or verbally.

Your cancellation rights - within the 14 day cooling off period:

Should you cancel cover within 14 days from the start date or receipt of your policy documentation and the Telematics Device has not been issued, the premium payable by you will be calculated by the number of days on cover plus your Insurer’s minimum premium and the Be Wiser Cancellation charge.

If you cancel within the 14 days and the Telematics Device has been issued, the premium payable by you will be calculated by the number of days on plus your Insurer’s minimum premium and the cost of the Telematics Device from the supplier.

Your cancellation rights - outside of the 14 day cooling off period:

Should you wish to cancel cover after 14 days, the return premium to you will be the net return given by your Insurers less a Be Wiser Cancellation charge. Where the Telematics Device has been issued, you will also be charged the cost of the Telematics Device from the supplier.

In the event that a claim has occurred under your contract no refund may be given unless your Insurers have settled the claim on a non-fault basis, recovering all financial costs which may have been incurred.


Data Policy

The Telematics Data collected by the Telematics Device is transmitted via a Mobile Phone Network in a secure format. By taking out this policy you are consenting to your Data being collected by the Telematics Device and to this Telematics Data being used by Be Wiser or your insurer in the ways outlined below. You must inform anyone that is insured to drive your car that it is fitted with a Telematics Device that will collect and transmit Telematics Data about how your car is driven and used. You must advise every driver, named on your certificate of motor insurance that each journey is recorded and will be visible to you, via your personal online dashboard, and to Be Wiser.

From the date the Telematics Device is installed it will collect information including (but not limited to):

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Distances
  • Location of your car; including where kept overnight
  • Mileage
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Time spent stationary
  • Time of use
  • Types of roads used

This information will be used to build up a profile of how, where and when your car is driven. The Telematics Data collected by the Telematics Device which may be used by Be Wiser or your insurer for the following purposes:

  • To review the information disclosed by you in relation to your policy or any claim, and to identify inconsistencies (Please note that knowingly providing inaccurate information could result in your claim being rejected and/or your policy being cancelled);
  • Operational requirements, including the activation, disconnection, updating and testing of your Telematics Device and any associated software (e.g. during installation or to perform maintenance checks);
  • To provide Telematics Data to your personal online dashboard; this information will be collected on a live feed.
  • Processing your personal data for the purpose of providing you with your insurance policy and associated services;
  • To contribute towards the calculation and charging of insurance premiums based upon driving behaviours and your car usage by compiling and generating scores;
  • To assess your driving behaviours and your car usage together with your previous scores to help determine your future insurance premiums;
  • To enable us to contact you regarding the administration of your insurance policy, provide you with reminders, other score related feedback, reward options where available, and/or hints and tips. To do this, we would contact you via email, telephone, text message, or post. These communications may take the form of marketing or promotional material, contact us at any time to have your details removed from lists used by us for marketing purposes;
  • To help us or the insurer handle any claim, and reduce fraud, by assisting with the identification, assessment or the investigation of claims made and to provide clarification as to the circumstances of the claim;
  • To provide you with any additional optional telematics services that are, or may become available, where you agree to these at purchase or during the period of insurance;
  • To carry out research and analysis to help Be Wiser to understand driving behaviours which the insurer will use to develop the underwriting of this product and to assist with the development of similar products; and
  • General research and analysis including mapping and refining techniques for analysing the Telematics Data undertaken by Be Wiser, or our telematics services provider. In such circumstances the Telematics Data will be anonymised and will not identify you or your
  • Your information will be also shared with other third parties, including credit reference agencies, Telematics device and telematics services suppliers, claims services providers and fraud prevention agencies. Please refer to the Be Wiser Terms of Business and Privacy Policy for full details.

If your insurance policy is cancelled, by you or by us, the Telematics Device will be de-activated within 24hrs and no further Telematics Data collected.

Telematics Data collected by the Telematics Device may be passed to other organisations where we have a duty or are permitted to disclose the information by law, such as to statutory bodies and regulatory authorities. This may also include the Police, if we receive a valid request, to assist in the prevention and reduction of fraud and other financial crime.

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